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Cincinnati Skyline & river

Here is how I did catfishing this summer on the Ohio River right in front of downtown Cincinnati. I also have some links to other useful sites.

8-24-05A GOOD MORNING OF CATFISHING There was a pleasant breeze on the river as I headed my boat to the first fishing spot of the day. I got my lines in the water at 07:15 in hole that was 40 feet deep. No action in 20 minutes so I moved down river to my favorite spot so far this season. I put the poles out at 07:40. At 07:50 got a good solid bite on my skipjack bait. I picked up my rod as the fish tightened up the line, hooked him good. It took a little time to get the nice blue cat to the boat. He was 24 inches long and weighed 6 pounds. The next bite came at 08:10 as my rod started to bounce in the rod holder. The moment I pulled back I realize he was a big fish by the amount of pressure he exerted on the line. He just did not want to come up off the bottom. Every time I made some progress of a few yard he turn and head back down. I knew I had a strong rod and 30 pound test line , I was just going to wait him out. Sure enough after a gallant fight he surfaced. I was thrilled to see this big Flathead at last. He was the 2nd largest Flathead cat I had caught. This guy was 33 inches and the digital scale said 17.4 pounds. That is a nice flathead by Cincinnati standards. He was so long I was not able to hold him and get a good photo of him. Once the picture was taken, he was return to give another person the same thrill I enjoyed. Then at 08:30 same poleís clicker alerted me of a bite. I had to wait on this guy to finally tighten up the line before could I set the hook. This one was a nice fish but not as big as the flathead. When I got him to the boat, he was a nice Channel cat. As I was measuring him out in the boat, my other rodís clicker sounded off! I set the hook and knew this was a small fish. I did not even need the dip net for this channel cat. I then finished measuring the larger one, he was 6.5 pound and also 24 inches. The small fry was only 18 inches and 2.5 pounds. I checked out 3 other spots the rest of the morning and had only 2 other small bites. The Ohio River is exceptionally clear at this time, with a slight current. The temperature was in the mid 70ís by the time I headed home. 4 catfish with a total weight of over 40 pounds in under 5 hours ranks as one of my better trips on the Ohio River.

8-29-05 Since the forcast called for rain, I fished the downtown area instead of heading for Meldahl. That worked out just fine for me. Got my 1st rod in the water at 07:40. At 07:43 my clicker started to sound off. A small flathead went for my cut skipjack. He was only 3.2 pounds and 20 inches. Baited back up and cast it out while getting set to take a photo of the fish. I looked up and that rod was bouncing in the rod holder. This fish was much bigger. I luck out for I got the bluecat in my dip net just as the hook came out. I baited up and cast it back out. Just as I was done measuring this 29 inch 10.7 pound blue ,the rod went down again!. This time another flathead was boated. I just put the rod away so I could clear up these two fish in the bottom of my boat. This flathead came in at 6.2 pounds and 25 inches long. I finally was able to get the photos of them. That is the first time I have ever caught more than one flahthead a day. He hit at 08:05 and that wass the ened of the action. I sat in the light rain from 9:50 and checked out a totoal 6 spots before I called it a day at noon time. Skipjack was the bait they all hit, I tried shad and tunna blood vein but no bites on them at all. The river is going to jump up to around 35 ft by wednesday,hopefully it will get back in shape after labor day.

Here are a couple photos of the catfish I caught.

10.7 pound Blue Cat

10.7 pound Bluecat 6.2 pound Flathead Cat 6.2 pound Flathead cat

Tight line and lots of action to all.

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