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September 19th-22nd. UPDATE!! I got my boat in the water twice this week. On the 19th lines were in the water aroun 07:40 at my favorite spot. This spot is in 40 feet of water ,but still no current in the Ohio River. No bites so I tried 2 other spots. The 3rd spot was by the Ky. side of the I -75 bride, I spotted fish with the fish fined. Just about ready to move when the pole took a hard bite. Boat a nice channel of 4.6 punds and 23 inches lone. He hit on old dead shad. I did some other scouting of different spot on the Ohio ANd Licking but never saw many fish at all. All in all checked out 7 different spot but had only that one bite. The 22nd.I had my lines in the water at my favorite hole around 07:40. Had 3 poles out with 3 different baits. I had a coulpe of light taps on the tuna blod vain, but moved on after 30 mins. I checked out a new spot on the Ohio side just about ready to move when my pole with the bobber started to bounce. I pulled back and there was asmae fish on. It was asmall channel cat, only 2.1 pounds. I had to cut the line for it swallowed the hook. While I was retying the clicker on the other rod sounded off. I picked it up but the fish never came back, I suspect it was a gar. I tied on a new hook and cast it back out. Shortly another fish hit that pole. I pulled baCK and felt a decent fish had it for a few crank thennothing. When I got my line in saw the hook came off! Had a couple other gar hits so I moved. On my way back up river cheked out my favorite spot again. About 20 mins later i noiced a light tap on one of my rods. The fish just kept tapping it not running with it. I finally pulled back and knew I had a small fish. The channel cat was small 1.5 punds only 14inches. He also swallowed the hook , both fish were caught on cut skipjack. I fished two other places then called it a day. With the cooler temaptures and some rain this weekend I am looking forward to better action this coming week.

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September 7th. UPDATE!! I got my boat in the water at 07:30 from the Public Landing. Had my lines in the water at my favorite hole around 07:40. Had 3 poles out in over 40 of water. No bites so moved just a short distance. Spent another 30 minutes with same results. Moved down river to a bridge pier that showed fish. Once again No action. I then head up into the Licking River to check out a few spots. I checked out 4 different holes on that river without a bite. I headed back to the Ohio River, went up to the ice breakers by the Serpentine Wall. There where more fish showing on my fishfinder than I had seen all morning. At 12:00 I got my first and only bite. A small channel cat got hooked on my shad pole. The fish was 18 inches and 2.2 pounds. I did not even take a picture of it before it was returned to the river. On the plus side it was a perfect day to out on the river, a mild sunny morning. I called it a day at around 12:30 and headed home.

August 24th-29th. UPDATE!! The skipjacks I caught at Meldahl on the 22nd. paid big dividends on my last 2 outings. I caught a total of 7 cats and 6 hit the cut skipjack bait. I caught my 2nd largest flathead of 17.4 pounds on the 24th. Hooked a nice blue of 6.2 pounds. 2 channel cats of 6.5 pound ,and the small one of 2.3 pounds. This morning the 29th., I had fast action for 20 mins then nothing. Got my line in the water and as I was casting out my 2nd rod, the clicker of the 1st rod started to sound off. Set the hook and a small flathead was brought to the boat. He was only 3.2 pounds. Baited up the rod and cast it back out while I was measuring this fish. I looked up and that rod was bouncing in the rod holder. He tightened the line and I knew it was a nice size cat. A bluecat got in my dip net just as the hook came out of it's mouth. I baited up the rod and cast it out again, then started to measure this big guy. He was 29 inches and 10.7 pounds. I was getting ready to take a photo of this fish when that rod started to bounce again. This time another flathead came to the surface. Once I got this fish in I just set the rod aside . I wanted to get photos of the blue and measure this flathead without any more interruptions. This is the first time I have caught more than one flathead on the same trip. This flathead was 25 inches and topped out at 6.2 pounds. I then spent the rest of the morning watching the light rain and no bites. I finally called it a day at noon and headed home.CLICK HERE for a summary and photos of my catfishing action on aug 24th & 29th.

August 22nd. UPDATE!! I tried my skill at the Meldahl dam once again. I put my boat in at the new ramp at Neville,Ohio. The river was clear, it was a beautiful day to be out on the water. Got my lines in the water around 7:15 and fished around the dam till 12 noon. I did catch some skipjacks, I cut up a couple right then for bait. The cats never touched them. I did snag a soft-shell turtle. I tried 7 different spots to get a catfish to bite. I did pick up some skipjacks whenever a school came near my boat. They were perfect size for bait, averaging 7 inches. I have fished Medahl many times over the years, so far have never caught a catfish up there. It is a jinx I just have not shaken to this day. I did make a stop at the creek below the Foster Ky. ramp. That is where I hooked into the only cat of the day. He was a 21 inch 4 pound channel cat. I also took some photos of the bank access adjoining the Neville ramp. I will be updating that page soon, which can be selected from CLICK HERE for RAMPS AND BANK FISHING SPOTS. I intend to fish out of my boat in the downtown area on the 24th. Hopefully will have more fishing action on this trip.

August 12th UPDATE!! Here are the spots I looked over for access for BANK fishing and public ramps. They are from OLE CONEY in Cincinnati East to the Meldahl dam. All of the spots were on the the Ohio side of the river. CLICK HERE for RAMPS AND BANK FISHING SPOTS.

Last fall I lost a nut into the river for the handle of my reel. I tried all winter to find a replacement out of all the nuts I had in the grage, just could not fix it. Then I ran into a guy with a both at the PEDDLER'S FLEA MARKET on Kellog ave., Cincinnati. He calls himself The-REEL Dr. He fixed my problem plus cleaned it all for just a few bucks. He is located at the EAST end of the building on Saturday & Sunday.

August 6th UPDATE!! The other week I went on a fact finding trip to check out ramp and Bank fishing aceess. The spots I looked over were from Cincinnati East to the Meldahl dam. All of the spots were on the the Ohio side of the river. I took photos of the different places for I will be adding pages about each of the places in the weeks ahead. Here is the page for SCHMIDT RAMP.

July 19 UPDATE!! I got to use my fishing boat again. The Ohio is as clear as it can be. The lines were in the water at 07:45 at my 1st. spot. A blue cat hit my rod at 08:04,no getting skunked this time. This fish was 24 inches and weighed 5 pounds. Then no bites for hours. I did check out 3 other spots, trying to hunt them down. Then at 10:35 I got a good tap, held the pole till he tightened it up, pulled back and hooked him. This channel cat just wanted to stay down, even when near the boat he kept on wanting to dive. Him came out at 7 pounds and was 26 inches. Took some photos of both then released them back into the river. Got one more bite at my last stop of the morning. He felt like a nice fish, I just never got a good hook set on him. Both fish went for a 3-4 inch thawed skipjack.

June 29 UPDATE!! I have made up a new page about spots to fish from the banks of the Ohio River. These spots are around the Downtown area of Cincinnati Ohio. Included some photos to show some of those locations. So check out BANK FISHING FOR CATS

June 22 UPDATE!! I have been very busy lately,but did get some trips out in my boat. The Ohio River has been in pool stage for at least 2 weeks. On June 7th. I boated my biggest catfish from the Ohio River. He was a 19.2 pound Flathead cat that really did not want to come up off the bottom. I also caught a 9pound channel cat the same day. On the 17th I fished for 4 1/2 hours had one bite , Got skunked no fish for all the effort. Yesterday I did have some fun with the boat. Got three fish. one bluecat 10 pound . Two channel cats,one 9 pounds and the other 5.5 pound. Got the bluecat on Tuna Blood Vein. The 2 channels fell for fried chicken skin. Here are a couple of photos.
my big flatheadmy big flathead
My personal best catfish from the Ohio River.

Tight lines and lots of action.

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