Here is the infromation from my fact finding trip about SCHMIDT Ramp. The place is located on route 52 about 3 miles EAST of downtown Cincinnati. There is plenty of room in the parking lot for your car and trailer. There 2 docks that allow for 2 boats to be lauched at the same time. The disadvantage for the average guy is the launching fee. It is $10 per boat a day! The plus side is for bank fishermen. There is a long stretch of bank on the down river side of the docks. Generally speaking the bank is walkable especially when the river is below 28 feet. There are all 3 types of catfish that consider that area home.

Here are a couple photos of the bank at SCHMIT'S.

bank below the dock looking up river towards the docks bank next to the dock

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Tight line and lots of action to all.


UPDATED 01-04-06